Writers Wanted!


More is better when it comes to talented writers ~ Maybe you’re wondering “could I do that?”... And maybe the checklist below can help you answer that question. Some of the great 50 Shades contributors had never tried their hand at writing before! If you check even one box, I encourage you to give it a whirl.

o   I proudly carry my (recently acquired) AARP card

o   I am an aging Mommy Blogger whose source material has left the nest

o   My day care days have been replaced with caring for Mom (or Dad, Auntie, Gramps, Grammy, etc.)

o   I have good days and bad days as a caregiver

o   Brutal honesty is my blessing and my curse

o   I can put the last two options together, and write about them

o   Written English is my jam, and I’m pretty good at it (so I’m told...)

o   I value precise communication (no blah, blah, blah...)

o   I write all the time

o   I’ve never written before, but I’d like to try my hand(s) at it

o   I believe that humor can be found in the most unlikely of places

o   I recognize that sometimes, there’s just no humor in a situation

o   I don’t take myself too seriously (well, not always...)

o   I’d like to learn more about being a guest writer for 50 Shades of Aging


Emily Gaffney2 Comments