about me...

A simple click here, takes you to a simple explanation of how and why 50 Shades of Aging came to be. It’s kind of A convoluted story, but then, most good ONES are...

The short version ends with me taking care of my 92 year old mother and experiencing the peaks and pitfalls that go along with that (see her next to me here?!) The long version of the story unfolds in the 50 Shades posts, provided by me and YOU

Personally, I don’t have a big impressive writer’s resume to qualify me to blog about this stuff, but I don’t think I need one. First and foremost, I’m an ACAP (Adult Child of an Aging Parent)– some days more happily than others. I’m also a UMass Amherst graduate....happily married (x2)... 5 kids (2 from my loins, and 3 grafted)....gym rat (past and present).... New England lover (but cross country live-r)... avid weeder (never planter).... Bravo TV watcher.... official Cape Codder.... and perennial beach-goer. On good days, I’d call myself a spiritual seeker. On regular days, I’m firmly planted in this dang fun physical world. If I had to pick one mantra to live by, it would be one damn day at a time. After all, in the end, that’s all we really get.

And, full disclosure (and total transparency) - I’m still a Realtor, but I promise not to go all real-estatey on you here at 50 Shades of Aging. I think I can do both – write about important ACAP issues, and represent a few buyers and sellers on the side. If you do find yourself interested in my real estate stuff though, you can always visit me at Marbleheadhomes.net.

Little update... Since launching 50 Shades in July, 2017, I'm happy to say, you can also read my stuff on Blunt Moms, Better After 50, Menopausal Mom, Every Family’s Got One, and in my bi-weekly syndicated column in the Marblehead Reporter.

about Mom...

is awesome... She’s in her 93rd year (every day counts) and is still (mostly) sharp and (kinda) physically able. She lives Right. Next Door. so we see each other every day.

She’s a super smart gal (her word, not mine) who’s raised 4 kids (and a husband), and has earned every minute of her carefree Golden Years. Mom is an endless optimist and lives (sometimes annoyingly) on the “bright side” of everything (except republican politics). If she’s not doing “paperwork” (...paying bills), she’s probably directing me in her garden... (or at a doctor’s appointment...). She’s an artsy woman who loves history and shells... together.

Although Mom and I still wrestle regularly, I almost always let her win. After all, she’s 92 freakin’ years old... and she probably knows a little more about life than I do. She’s still full of piss and vinegar (again- her words) and shows me every day how to live life with no regrets... one damn day at a time.