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Life is full of funny moments - some more memorable than others. My friend, Barbara, shares a few Mom-gems here. “Min” sounds like a hoot!


It was October 1942, and war was raging. Dad was at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA and my soon-to-be-mother was bursting with child. At one particular visit to the OB, the doctor said, "Min, I think I hear two heart beats." Family lore (the best kind…) has it that the comment went right by my mother. A few days later Aunt Bertie said, "Min, you're as big as a house!" to which Mom replied, "Oh Bertie, close your mouth!” (clearly in denial)

Later in the week, Mom went into labor and Uncle Len (all of 18 years old) drove her to the hospital. But not before stopping for a quick cup of coffee. (I'm not making this up!) Mom was sedated during delivery. When she awoke, the nurse walked in with TWO babies announcing, “Here are your twins!”

And so it began that on October 8, 1942 Barbara and Linda came into the world! Four minutes older than my sister, Mom said I kicked my way out first!


Mom was hard of hearing (as in, very deaf). When I got frustrated with her she would say "You're going to be OLD someday too!” (I now wear hearing aids…) One day, she called and said she was hearing “funny sounds” from her hearing aids, so would I take her to her audiologist. He gave her a pair of loaner aids and we left. That evening, she called complaining that she was still hearing the “funny sounds”, so I put my glass of wine down and went to her apartment to see what the noises could be. When I entered, I also heard the beep-beep-beep… Seems the batteries in her smoke detectors needed replacing!


As Mom’s driver, I would often drop her at Stop and Shop for groceries. She'd send me to the neighboring liquor store to buy a bottle of her favorite wine, Liebfraumilch... (But don't spend a lot of money ). Back at her condo, I’d sit on the foyer and de-cork the bottle(s)… Seems, Mom was strong enough to drink the wine, but not quite strong enough to pull the cork… I got a lot of strange looks from her neighbors.


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