It's Not About The Fork.


How did this fork get here?

It just came out of the dishwasher...

No. I mean HOW did it get here? It’s not mine.

Hmmm... I don’t know... it doesn’t look familiar....

Things keep turning up that don’t belong to me. Like, I have all this hair cream stuff in my bathroom that isn’t mine.

Are you saying you think someone’s been staying at your apartment while you were in Florida?

No....I don’t think that. I think *you* must have left these things here sometime.

And, this is how it begins... I’m pretty certain I didn’t leave a random, mismatched fork at my mother’s house, and I’m virtually positive I didn’t leave “hair cream” in her shower (which I’ve never used).. But it’s an invitation to an argument that I can barely resist. It’s not about the fork or the hair cream.... It’s about the parental accusation that I’ve committed an infraction (at 58 years old) that requires being brought to my attention. AND, my mother implies, it could be a result of ME losing my mind. This exchange is just the beginning of a back-n-forth about which one of us is losing her mind MORE....We love a good competition, but this time, I think I’ll let her win... 

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