Missing You...


Boy, have I missed you!

I’ve missed waking up at 4:30 am, grabbing a cup of coffee, firing up my computer, and sharing a few words about how it feels to care for Mom… about the random, but often meaningful, brain dump that centers on my changing relationship with her… about her changing life…. about my life changing as a result of caring for her.

I’ve missed the connection I feel when I know others are going through the same thing… when I see someone at the grocery store and they tell me they read this morning’s post and begin sharing their personal experiences…. telling me that they relate all over the place.

I’ve missed taking a sip of Folgers (yes, Folgers) and catching up on my favorite blogs and sites… Seeing what’s happening over at Better after 50, Was That My Out Loud Voice, The Astronaut Wife, Midlife Boulevard, Beyond Your Bloggers, Menopausal Mother, Ronni Robinson, Musings Rants and Scribbles, I’ve Just Gotta Say This, and so many more… God, I really miss you guys!

I’ve even missed the mechanics of my blogging life… wondering what I can do next on Square Space, Mailchimp or Facebook, and wondering who can help me do it… Asking myself, how can I make this experience better for my readers (that’s YOU!)

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted on 50 Shades of Aging and I feel you guys deserve an explanation. You deserve to know that I haven’t abandoned you or my love of writing… I’ve just been momentarily sidetracked by family and work.

Last month, we held a memorial service for my sister in law, Liz, who passed away unexpectedly. With the whole extended family here, we decided to extend our celebration to include Mom’s 92nd birthday. Despite the reason for the gathering, it was a wonderful week of family, fun and food. But it left me little time to think about you!

I’ve also been working diligently at my day job selling real estate. Even as a self-proclaimed Reluctant Realtor, I’d be totally remiss not to take advantage of the insanity of our local market. My buyers and sellers take up a lot of time, but I love you guys too! You’re the ones who help me pay the mortgage(s) and student loan(s). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Right from the beginning,  I said I’d never get all real-estate-y on you here at 50 Shades, so, suffice it to say that I am thinking about you all, and pining for the day I can sip my Folgers and write you a proper post. I feel it coming very soon!

In the interim, I wish you all a Happy 4th of July!

xo  (I told myself I’d never do that… oh well…)


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