Thank you for your interest in becoming a Shade Seeker! There just aren’t enough Baby Boomers out there, getting down and dirty about how it actually feels to take care of an aging parent. That’s where you come in.

If you’ve reached ACAP* status, then you’ve traveled a long way with your parent(s) and just may have some pretty hefty baggage you’d like to leave. This is the place.

So... here’s what we DO want at 50 Shades of Aging...

-        Relatable stories musings, epiphanies, A-HAAAs, ditties, parables, anecdotes, fables and yarns that speak to your honest feelings about taking care of Mom and/or Dad.

-        What’s-worked posts... Were you able to solve an unsolvable senior-parenting problem? That’s good stuff.

-        How about Mom and/or Dad’s side of the story? (There’s always two sides...) Much to our surprise, a good number of aging parents actually feel harassed by their own helicopter-children ... constantly fretting over them, etc. We’d REALLY like to hear their stories as well!

-        Original work is definitely preferred, but, since 50 Shades is soooo new, we’ll consider previously published pieces (for now). But please, let us know exactly where it’s been so we can check it out. 

-        Wicked good English and grammar. Really. Spellcheck...Grammarly... Whatever it takes. After all, it’s your name on it!

-        HUMOR! Caretaking is tough stuff, but often, the fall-out can be hilarious. That’s what we really want to hear.... guffaw-worthy paragraphs.  

-        A brief bio about yourself. Nothing fancy, but witty is always appreciated.

-        Your URLs, (website, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) so folks know where to find more of YOU!

...And, here’s what we DON’T want...

-        Rants. However icky your ACAP experiences might be - and while we may even be able to totally identify with them - please don’t dump your woes here. Thanks.

-        Memoires, biographies, tomes, novels, sagas, epic odes, or annals. Your readers will thank you for keeping it under 1500(ish) words. Check out Senior Moments and you’ll see that some pieces are s-h-o-r-t. And that’s ok.

-        Boring. Pass your piece by trusted friends and family, and see if they (at least) smile. You’ll go to the head of the queue if they actually chuckle.  

-        Flowery. Please don’t describe the scenery, unless it’s über pertinent!         

We don’t have an “editor” (yet), but we may make a few suggestions. Please don’t take them personally.... it’s not you!!  It’s our first lap around the track, and our blinders may be just a little tight!

The best way to submit is via email using “Contact” below. Thank you fellow writers!

*Adult Child of an Aging Parent


Emily Gaffney